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Fill Up Those Bowling Frames

If you are a relatively new bowler or one just now committing to improving your bowling, the quickest method of achieving good scores is by filling frames. Reducing the number of open frames you record each session on the lanes will easily help you raise your average.

The key to good scoring is to pick up your spares. Another key is to hit the pocket consistently so you leave routine spares to convert.

Develop a sound spare shooting system and make that objective your number one priority.

Hitting the pocket consistently enables you to convert spares more easily than if you miss the head pin routinely or if you jam the ball on the “nose” (hit the head pin squarely with the center of your bowling ball).

Hitting the “nose” risks leaving wide splits which are difficult if not nearly impossible to convert. Filling frames means hitting the pocket and then converting the spare when not recording a strike. It is that simple.

Hitting the pocket requires developing an initial alignment system on the approach and with your sighting target on the lane.

There are few secrets in the game of bowling. Instead of searching for secret tips to improve your scores, develop a sound and simple spare shooting system which you can rely on day in and day out. Learn to properly align yourself to the pocket given your personal bowling style.

If you do nothing else in the game, become a good spare shooter and hit the pocket as consistently as possible.

Learn a reliable system of shooting spares and you will most assuredly reduce the number of open frames you post during a typical three game league series.