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Why Do I Take My Eyes Off Of My Bowling Spot?

Updated 10/5/2020

If you ask why do I take my eyes off of my bowling spot, you likely are thinking too much about your physical game when you walk to the foul line.

To better develop accuracy, keep your eyes focused sharply on your spot.

If you get lost thinking about your swing or your release while you are in the act of making an approach, then you can easily lose focus of your target and make an errant shot.

The notion of keeping your eye on your spot or taking dead aim at your target is certainly not a new one. This phrase has been used repeatedly in other sports because it applies to any game where you must deliver something to a precise location.

In the case of bowling, your goal is to hit the pocket over and over so you give yourself the best chance at getting strikes.

If you forget to watch your target on the lane while you bowl, you bring a random element into the equation.

Make full commitment to hitting your sighting target every delivery.

It is human nature to think our way around physical tasks and when we do, we do not trust our instincts fully. We tend to get far too mechanical or develop stiff and robot-like movements instead of being smooth, relaxed, and use a flowing motion when you bowl.

Trust your physical game that you have practiced many times and place most emphasis on hitting your spot on the lane.

Stay in the habit of watching your bowling ball on its entire journey down the lane with particular attention on the ball passing over your mark.

Your brain is your bowling buddy. Your brain remembers the muscle motion you have rehearsed over and over, so trust your game.

When bowling under pressure, trust your game. Trust your physical motion and allow your instincts to guide you to making quality shots.

Focus on your spot, avoid peeking up at the pins until the ball passes your spot, and then zoom in on the entire ball path as it travels down the lane.

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