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Quick Tips To Restore Good Bowling Form

If you begin to lose your touch on the lanes and are not bowling up to your expectations, just remember there is no magical cure to set you back into good bowling form.

There are a few simple things you can check regarding your game if you aren't performing your best. Please do not despair, it happens to everyone, even the best players.

Here are some tips to help get you back in stride:

Double check your grip on your bowling ball and your setup when taking your stance position on the approach. Many bowlers will tend to squeeze the ball too firmly before beginning the swing cycle.

A slumping posture can be the cause of poor swing alignment. Check your spine angle tilt and hold that angle throughout your approach.

An improper tilt with your bowling shoulder can lead to a poor arm swing delivery path. Make sure you pre-set your bowling shoulder precisely the way you want it. Also make sure the front portion of your bowling shoulder aligns with your sighting target on the lane before beginning your approach.

Next, do a tension check. When we are bowling poorly, tension creeps in. On the practice lane, make some shots with reduced tension in your hands, forearms and shoulders.

Make certain your knees are flexed slightly before beginning your approach.

Taking a proper stance, avoiding gripping the ball with too much finger pressure, and reducing the level of tension in the shoulders, neck, or arms before beginning to bowl sets you up to make a good delivery.

Your objective is a continuous swing motion while smoothly moving off of each step into the next, maintaining a consistent tempo when swinging your bowling ball, and while walking to the foul line.

Don’t grind yourself by tensing up and trying so hard to make a good shot that you compound your problem. Relax, breathe in and out slowly before stepping onto the approach.

Your plan should be to make one good shot at a time then update your thinking to your next shot.

Practice the strong keys to your game.

Change the inner-voice. When you are not bowling well, the voice inside your head tends to beat you up with a constant supply of negative self-talk.

Talk to yourself like you would want your best friend to talk to you. Your best friend would tell you positive things about your game. Your best friend wouldn't say things like “you are terrible.” Be aware of any negative self-talk and change it. You control your bowling destiny.

If you find your game slipping, try these simple tips to get back on track and you’ll be able to restore the level of good bowling you are accustomed to achieving.