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Bowl With Confidence

Once you learn to align yourself properly to hit the pocket based on your delivery style, you can bowl with confidence.

Bowling good scores is a matter of hitting the pocket often enough and converting any remaining spares when you do not record a strike.

In order to hit the pocket repeatedly, you must learn to line up your shot properly. When you slide at the foul line, you want to be in an ideal position to make a reasonable swing, release the ball, and follow through propelling your bowling ball toward your sighting target, giving you a great chance of hitting the pocket.

Everything begins with proper alignment. If your ball is reacting properly as it travels down the lane and you are hitting the pocket with regularity, you feel pretty confident, don’t you?

It is not an accident you hit the pocket. The lane condition will help steer your ball to the break point on the back end if you line up properly on that given lane condition.

In order for this to happen, you must first select a starting position on the approach during your stance. Slide on an appropriate board at the foul line relative to your sighting target, and choose an appropriate mark on the lane to deliver your ball toward.

It is your responsibility to align correctly to give your ball a chance at hitting the pocket. Once you do so, you will gain in confidence knowing your have a good chance at getting a strike.

Use a visualization technique. If you think of the lane from the pin deck back to the approach area where you take a stance when preparing to bowl, visualize your ball traveling down the lane in reverse order. From the contact with the pocket pins back through the breakpoint, tracking from the break point to the mid-lane, and then changing directions in the mid-lane and tracking back to the foul line, where the bottom of your bowling ball first contacts the lane on the precise board where your hand will release the ball initially.

Trace the path of your bowling ball from the pins back to your release point near the foul line and then reverse the picture. Visualize your ball traveling from the release point down the lane, changing directions slightly in the mid-lane and again at the breakpoint, finally rolling at a constant angle entering the pocket and getting a strike.

It helps to visualize your ball path with about a three inch width and in a bright color contrasting the lane surface.

Once you are able to understand the path your ball must follow to hit the pocket, then it is much easier to select a suitable sighting target. Perhaps at or near the bowling arrows, and then align your self to that spot on the lane.

Visualizing a positive result is helpful but it is not everything, however.

It is important for you to develop a legitimate alignment process so you know where to stand, where to slide at the foul line, where to sight on the lane, and which delivery angle will establish an effective ball path down the lane to the breakpoint and then into the pocket.

Once you are successful with a strike alignment system, you can bowl very confidently from the knowledge that you are going to hit the pocket.