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Will Bowl For Food

Every professional or amateur player who bowls to earn a living or supplements their income from the game is willing to bowl for food.

When any bowler competes for prize monies and is dependant to some degree on earning income from tournament play, then they are a professional and rely on income to support themselves and their families.

Since the vast majority of bowlers are not professionals, then we can simmer the competitive juices and relax while enjoying more informal competition from leagues or smallish tournaments.

Bowling with a high level of confidence is important to any competitive bowler, just not with the same impact as with professionals.

So what can you do to remain competitive and bolster your level of confidence?

Everything begins with getting good scoring results. Good scoring is spawned from becoming a consistent pocket shooter, from hitting the pocket with a high degree of regularity.

Alignment and adjustments to hit the pocket repeatedly are the backbone of being a high percentage pocket shooter.

Once you learn to align yourself properly to hit the pocket based on your delivery style, then you can then bowl with extreme confidence.

It is not an accident when you hit the pocket using a good alignment system because the lane condition will help steer your ball to the break point on the back end if you line up properly on that given lane condition.

It helps to use the services of a good coach if you are striving to improve your alignment and adjustment system, particularly if your are having difficulties in hitting the pocket consistently.

If you are a highly skilled and experienced competitive player, then it is a matter of monitoring your alignment, making fine tune adjustments or any adjustments when the lane condition changes to retain your pocket hitting abilities.

It is important for you to develop a legitimate alignment system so you know where to stand, where to slide at the foul line, where to sight on the lane based on given lane conditions.

Once you are comfortable with your strike alignment system, you can bowl very confidently and with the knowledge that you are going to hit the pocket.