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Talking Bowling

The next time you are sitting around a friendly group of bowlers chatting about the game, ask your friends questions about areas of the game which concern you in hopes of sharing useful information.

Knowledge about the game is very important if you wish to improve your game. Reading articles of watching videos is provides good information and details about bowling but sharing information among peers is also useful.

It is good to hear and discuss things in common “bowler” lingo and not always rely in prepared information offered in articles or on television.

Getting opinions about the game from your friends, teammates, or perhaps experienced bowlers you are just getting to know can lead to tips which may help you grow as a player. Seek out bowlers who have the reputation of being knowledgeable and willing to share ideas.

There are a range of questions or topics you can address when discussing bowling with friends. You can ask others about their equipment choices and what works for them when they are at the peak of their games.

You can inquire about physical game strategies, about good coaches, about lane conditions and making adjustments when you are not getting a good ball reaction, or you can discuss mental game strategies during competition.

Sharing information and interacting with other bowlers can be as important as establishing good communications with your favorite pro shop people or with your bowling instructor.

The danger in sharing information, however, is the same as with any endeavor and that is “information overload.”

At the end of the day, you want to know your game and what works best for you if you are seeking improving or sharpening your bowling skills. Jamming too much information into your system of bowling can work against you if you become unable to make crisp decisions when under the pressures of competition.

It is always a good principle to keep things simple. Sharing information can help you weed out ideas which are counter-productive to progress by replacing them with better ideas.

Be open minded about learning. Your game and future success may depend on expanding your lines of communication.