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Stay Down On Your Bowling Shot

If you average 175 or less, it is always a good idea to review certain elements of making an effective bowling slide into the foul line. Staying down on your shot means that you do not pull away from the foul line or stand up when delivering your bowling ball.

One key is to make sure your upper body is positioned properly so you maintain good balance during your slide into the foul line when releasing your bowling ball. If you prevent your shoulders from pressing too far forward in front of your sliding knee and use only a 10-15% upper body tilt, your torso will be perfectly positioned to deliver your ball accurately, and with power.

Staying down at the foul line can be easily accomplished by flexing your knees at set-up, adding slightly more flex each successive step, and then adding more knee bend during your sliding step. Use 1 - 3 inches of knee flex at the beginning of your approach and add slightly more flex each successive step so your sliding leg is between 45 and 75 degrees flexed. The more flex with your sliding leg, the lower to the floor you will slide.

Your trailing leg (balance leg) sweeps to the opposite side of your body to get out of the way of your arm as you swing the bowling ball. It also serves to stabilize your body as you deliver your ball. As you complete your next to last step, avoid bringing the knee of your trailing leg too close behind the back of your sliding knee. Leave a minimum of 24 inches separation between the knee cap of your balance leg and the back of the knee of your sliding leg for maximum leverage and balance throughout your slide into the foul line.

By using this long sliding technique and keeping your sliding knee flexed about 60 degrees, your upper body will be low enough to the floor to maintain good balance. This will also help generate power and leverage when releasing your bowling ball.

In your stance position, pre-set your bowling shoulder slightly below the level of your opposite shoulder depending on how much you hook the ball (say 1-3 inches lower). This will help you arrive at the foul line with your hand low enough to the floor and in position to stay down on your shot.

Consistent and accurate deliveries require using your legs properly. Getting low enough with your legs and using a long slide technique will help you stay down on your shot and to not raise your head and shoulders during the critical delivery of your bowling ball.