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How To Sharpen Your Game During Bowling Competition

A difficult challenge is to sharpen your game while you are bowling in competition. You will never want to lose effectiveness when you are competing in a league or a tournament, but when you know you are not at your best there are things you can you do to to save the day regardless of your skill and experience levels.

Often the solutions are simple ones to get you thinking and feeling you are on the right track again. The human mind is a complex entity. If you allow yourself to think of a few simple strategies while in competition, you can bowl your way to success, if you allow it to happen.

First, when you are frustrated your game is failing and you are making poor shots, it is a common reaction to no longer focus on your sighting target on the lane, but rather think about everything which is going astray.

Try to focus on keeping your eyes sharply focused on where you want your bowling ball to be delivered and at the proper delivery path to that sighting target. Your brain must send signals to your bowling hand where to deliver your bowling ball. Keep your eyes on your target and trust your athletic abilities.

Next, think about a smooth first step and a smooth beginning to your swing cycle. Your push-away motion (the beginning of your arm swing) should be as though you are handing your ball to a small child.

Avoid ramming or thrusting the ball to begin your swing. Begin your approach by stepping smoothly and slowly and doing the same with the first movement of your bowling ball.

During your middle steps, think balance and keep your eyes on your sighting target.

During the final two steps, avoid rushing the steps so you can make a smooth and well balanced delivery of the bowling ball. There is little need in rotating your fingers much but rather swing through the ball to a full and complete follow through motion without losing sight of your target.

Hold your form under pressure. This means maintain balance while you are in the act of delivering your bowling ball. Hold your form at the foul line for at least one second after the ball is gone.

A good start, maintain balance and focus on your target in the middle of your approach, and a good finish with a relaxed swing and delivery motion are the keys to getting re-organized during competition.

Often, bowlers are not as far off of their games as they may feel. No one is in “perfect stroke” every time they bowl. The greatest champions in history allow themselves to work with the feel they have for a given day and try not to force their deliveries out of desperation.

A good start, focus on your target, and a good finish. Keep your keys simple in competition and trust in your skills and judgement in playing the lanes. You can be successful being 80 percent of your best.