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Ready, Set, Bowl

If you are having problems getting prepared to take the first step of your approach, there might be an easy remedy. It is a known fact that taking too much time on the approach before making your first step can be a detriment to good shot-making.

Not only is bowling with a fairly quick routine good etiquette, it can work to your advantage.

There are things you can do to speed up the pace of your preparation process and still become a very effective shot-maker.

First, make your decisions off the approach. Between frames think about what you intend to do regarding your physical approach - where you intend to position your feet on the approach and where you wish to sight on the lane. Make these decisions before stepping onto the approach.

You can use the small area next to the ball return unit, off of the approach, as your own “bowler’s box” where you await your turn and where you can "plan your work." Once you step onto the approach to position yourself to make a delivery, you will not have to hesitate aiming too long and you can then "work your plan."

Excessive time standing on the approach thinking about how and where you are going to deliver your bowling ball can work against making a good shot. The longer you hold a heavy bowling ball aiming at your sighting target, the heavier the bowling ball can feel and the more tense your arm muscles become.

If your mind has a clear picture of how you wish to deliver your bowling ball, you need not aim more than a couple of seconds before beginning your walk to the foul line.

By all means, make certain you make a good set-up in your stance on the approach. Go through the little checkpoints for a good set-up position on the approach so you are prepared to make an effective delivery.

When you first step onto the approach, position your feet on the boards of the approach you have elected to use. Set your posture properly, flex your knees, and position your bowling ball precisely where you wish to hold it. Ensure your hand fits comfortably in the ball and is ready to go.

Then take a focused look at your sighting target. Once you zoom in on your target, use the phrase “ready, set, bowl.”

It will only require a couple of seconds aiming time once you are properly positioned on the approach and set-up to bowl. Avoid excessive aiming time so you do not freeze and cause unneeded muscle tension in your arms and legs.

Some of the best bowlers in the history of the game were fast players. There is no need to rush your shot, but there is greater need to not stand on the approach like a statue and aim too long.

Get ready, get set, and bowl. Establish your tempo for bowling success.