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Stay Down With Your Bowling Shot

Don’t peek before you release your bowling shot. Resist the urge to look up at the pins or at your intended ball path before you release your ball.

Instead, stay down on your bowling shot.

Pulling your head up to look at the area of the lane where you know your ball will appear into sight causes you to move before the critical moment delivering your bowling ball.

A reason bowlers make inaccurate deliveries is trying to help the ball by lunging with their upper body just prior to letting go of the ball.

Sometimes a lunging motion means that a bowler will raise the head or pull away from the foul line causing the forward swing to release the ball at an improper delivery angle onto the surface of the lane.

Other times lunging refers to thrusting the head and shoulders out past a plane at the foul line vertical to the floor and the non-sliding bowling shoe comes off of the floor. This poor delivery motion certainly causes errant deliveries.

Keeping your head and shoulders as motionless as possible during the critical forward swing cycle is extremely important in making accurate deliveries.

A good goal is to practice keeping the bottom of your chin at least shoulder level, with your eyes focused sharply on your sighting target during your bowling ball delivery process.

Reducing unnecessary head and shoulder movement will most certainly assist you in improving your shot-making.