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Money Bowling

Throughout the history of our sport, action bowling has fascinated highly skilled players because it means bowling heads-up against an opponent and the winner gets the money and the loser gets nothing.

If you wish to succeed as a competitive bowler, then learn to bowl for money. Bowl some action, even it it means only for very small amounts of money or perhaps even for bragging rights.

Heads-up action bowling involves your mental and a physical game and because of it, you must develop the desire to overcome self-induced pressure and perform well when it matters most.

Bowling well for money, however, doesn’t just happen by chance. You must prepare your physical game and you must develop mental discipline to allow yourself to perform to your capabilities when the money is on the line.

It is surprising how often bowlers have a change in attitude when money is involved. Some players rise to the occasion while others do not.

Any bowling champion at any competitive level, leagues, tournaments, or head’s-up action bowling, has learned the art of staying in the moment and executing the best shots possible.

The real secret to success when bowling for money is making one good shot at a time and place full focus on each delivery. Avoid distractions or what your opponent is doing.

When bowling for bucks, you win the money after the final frame, not after the first frame.

Champions can overcome physical game shortfalls by developing strong willpower and mental toughness.

Another thing to realize is that like all things in life, bowling for money is cyclic.

Some days you win and some days you do not.

The trick is to never overreact emotionally as to throw off your own game when you are in close competition with opponents.

The good shots, the the bad shots, the breaks, and the “taps” all will happen.

Focus on making good shots, and let the fortunes of money bowling come your way.