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Beginner Bowlers & Bowling Lessons

If you are someone new to the game, take a bowling lesson right away to get you started in the right way.

Reportedly, more than half of all new bowlers will drill a ball and then join a league before taking a lesson to develop their techniques.

Yes it is important, very important to bowl with a ball which is properly drilled to fit your hand. It is just as important to take a lesson and learn about physical game fundamentals to help you grow in the game.

An experienced coach can help you develop your game and help[ you learn to shoot spares, make alignment decisions, and make adjustments in alignment as needed.

The value of a lesson from a good coach is immeasurable. Most coaches will charge you less money than you will pay to buy a new bowling ball and have it drilled.

It just makes good sense to invest in learning the game properly from the onset and drilling a new ball which not only fits your hand but also matches well with your delivery style and your local lane conditions.

Make sure you own a good pair of bowling shoes too. If you bowl frequently, it pays to own a good pair of bowling shoes. Spending money on bowling shoes will go a long way into making you a better bowler and will provide stability and durability each time you bowl.

When choosing a new ball, ask the pro shop professional which accessories items will be of most value to you as you gain experience in the game.

As a beginner bowler, we recommend lessons soon after, if not before, drilling a new bowling ball. Avoid short cuts by taking tips from local bowlers. Learn the game the right way and enjoy years of fun bowling with friends in fun and competitive leagues.

Also, a coach will give you important advice on practicing with your new equipment and on developing a practice plan to continue making progress. Using the services of a good coach is worth the investment.