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All that matters In Bowling Is The Next Shot

You cannot win a bowling tournament in the first game. Winning an event takes every game, every frame, and every shot in each frame.

It makes little sense to think too far in front of your very next shot. Success comes from doing the right things at the right time and boiling down your focus to one good shot at a time.

That’s it, one good shot at a time.

Thinking about a bad break in a previous frame does no good when it comes to planning your next shot. Thinking too far ahead does no good in planning your very next shot.

Reduce your thinking to the lowest common denominator. Do not think too far ahead nor dwell on previous results. Stay in the present and focus on your next delivery.

One key in making a good delivery rises above the physical game strategy. This key is a mental key.

Take dead aim at your target. That’s right, take dead aim.

If you sight on the lane at the bowling arrows, for example, and your target is determined to be the 2nd arrow in this example, visualize one board right and one board left of the 2nd arrow as your 3 board-wide target path and take dead aim in the middle of that path.

Wear the paint off of your target. Being accurate means good shot making. Taking dead aim helps improve your accuracy.

So much of winning is mental, a full commitment to executing your shot properly. There can be no question that good physical game fundamentals, good execution when it matters most, and thinking on the fly when faced with adjustment decisions are important to achieving success. Thinking about the keys you need most at the moment you make your next delivery is most important.

No matter how many good tips you get on the mental aspects of the game, no matter how much you know about the game and about your game, it comes down to one good shot at a time. Take dead aim and make one good shot at a time.

This disciplined approach will help you overcome pressure situations and help you make a good delivery when under the heat of bowling battle.

This notion of dead aim is certainly not a new one. This phrase has been used in golf, rifle shooting, and likely other endeavors for many years. In bowling, taking dead aim means making a full commitment to hitting your sighting target every delivery.

Since you can only make one delivery at a time, take dead aim each delivery. Stay focused on your job at hand, forget what is happening around you, make a crisp decision on how you will execute your next shot, and think only about that shot.

Once your shot is complete, immediately update your thinking to the very next shot you face.

In the final analysis, success on the lanes gets down to making good shot one at a time.