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What Do You Like Most About Bowling Leagues?

What do you like most about bowling leagues?

League bowling is certainly a social event. It is scheduled weekly so you can count on a social outing on a regular basis.

In addition to the social benefits of being part of a league team, the competitive aspects of leagues can be exciting and can accommodate bowlers of all skill and experience levels.

Here is a list of several reasons why bowlers enjoy leagues:

1. Leagues are for bowlers of any age.

2. Leagues vary from scratch to handicap formats which allow for bowlers ranging in skill to compete on a level playing field.

3. Joining a low team-average handicap league is a great place for new adult bowlers to start.

4. Leagues assign you an average. Once you establish an average, the league will apply your average retroactively as soon as you bowl a few games in accordance with the given league rules.

5. Bowling leagues with friends or family can lead to both fun and competitive aspects most bowlers enjoy. Bowlers of all ages, including youngsters, can enjoy the social benefits league bowling provides.

6. League bowling is relatively an inexpensive weekly activity and offer prizes or prize monies for each team member depending on where a given team finishes at the completion of league play.

7. Individual prizes are also awarded for high games and series.

8. Wagering in the form of bowling brackets are available in many leagues.

9. Bowling in competition does not have to be stressful; leagues offer an easy and relaxed atmosphere and you spend time interacting with your teammates each week.

10. League bowling is one way to get you out of the house each week. Leagues provide a format where you and get some exercise, particularly if you are one who seldom engages in any form of athletic endeavors or rarely does routine exercises to get into good physical shape.

Bowling leagues are the backbone of the game. If you would like to share your reasons why you enjoy league bowling, please share them with us by means of the blog provided immediately below this article.

This site believes that a new emphasis must be placed on league bowling to grow the game. Please share your comments with our community if you so desire.