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How To Be A Well Conditioned Bowler

If you are an experienced bowler and you wish to learn how to become a well conditioned bowler, then there are a few tips which can help you be ready when you get to the lanes. It is surprising how many bowlers spend too little time working at how to become a well conditioned bowler and never physically train their body to any degree for the intent to manage their physical game skills, particularly before an important competition. Just follow these recommend ten tips provided courtesy of

1. Commit to being fit. Train for general health and for a better quality of life.

2. Walk/jog six times per week at a good clip building for a minimum of 30 - 45 minutes time. Walk rapidly and smoothly, swinging your arms to help you breathe.

3. Develop both sides of your body. When you develop any repetitive motion like swinging a bowling ball, it is important to strengthen the the opposite side of your body muscles accordingly. A well balanced and developed body will prevent back and hips injuries.

4. Focus on your hands and wrists. Do exercises to strengthen the digits of your hands and your wrists to help your cause.

5. Work on developing your body core. Strengthen your core muscles, especially your stomach muscles which also helps prevent lower back injuries.

6. Fight becoming overweight. Watch your caloric intake and build a daily diet which helps you reduce if you are overweight or helps you maintain your weight if you are fit. Encouraging others aides your own personal commitment.

7. Eat proper foods. The best technological advance in the next 50 years will likely be nutrition. Eat plenty of foods such as raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole-grain breads or pasta, avocado, and yogurt.

8. Try and get yourself tired 10 minutes per day. Make the end of your workout routine a vigorous one whether you are walking a good distance, lifting weights, doing aerobic exercises, or walking up and down stairs. Try to trot when possible.

9. Lift weights and do stretching exercises using common sense. You do not need to train as hard as athletes competing in rigorous sports. Push-ups, sit ups, leg lifts, stretching exercises are all useful for conditioning your body.

10. Absorb energy from other people. Find high-energy and positive attitude people to spend time with so your levels of optimism rise. Doing activities with young people can sometimes make you rise to their level of performance.

Consult with a physical fitness training professional or with your own physician to help you identify exercises to help condition your body. There are many useful online sites which offer suggestions on proper nutrition and on physical fitness so it is recommended you do some research of your own to find the right formula to help you get in good shape and maintain acceptable levels of weight and fitness. Taking care of your mental and physical well-being lead to good bowling results.

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