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Make Your Bowling Slide Toward The Center Of Your Body

If you find yourself off of balance when delivering your bowling ball, then make sure you slide toward the center of your body.

Falling off of your shot means you are not sliding into the foul line properly. Make sure your step before your sliding step and your sliding step move toward the center of your body to best maintain good balance when releasing your bowling ball.

Many bowlers will slide toward their non-bowling shoulder instead of toward the center of their body creating too much space between the sliding bowling shoe and the bowling ball swing path where the hand releases the ball.

Sliding across the center of your body also creates poor balance and can cause your swing to “roundhouse” around your sliding foot resulting in errant deliveries.

When the bowling swing is tucked nice and closely next to your body and you slide under your center portion of your upper body, you create good leverage and will maintain balance.

It is very important to remain as motionless as possible with your upper body while you deliver your ball so building good balance techniques when sliding into the foul line is critical to consistent shotmaking.

If you work to develop a sound sliding technique and can maintain balance at the foul line, then your chances of making good shots improve considerably.