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Tips For Bowling Ball Accuracy

If you are a new bowler averaging less than 140 and looking to improve your game, developing ball speed control is a sure step toward an accurate bowling delivery style.

Regulating your bowling ball speed accomplishes the following:

1. Controls the skid length of the ball in the front part of the lane.

2. Helps you develop a consistent finger rotation with your bowling hand.

3. Assists you in controlling the moment your thumb exits the ball.

4. Helps you control the amount of bowling ball loft over the foul line.

5. Develops reliable axis tilt and axis of rotation on your bowling ball.

6. Allows you to make effective decisions for strike alignment and spare adjustments.

A steady and reliable ball speed makes it so much easier to maintain good balance when walking to the foul line. Developing consistent ball speed is simply a matter of:

1. Allowing your back swing to move freely and swiftly to the top of your swing.

2. Allowing gravity to drop your ball freely into the down swing rather than grabbing the ball with your bowling hand and applying increased gripping pressure.

3. Making an accelerated forward swing to a complete and full follow-through position and holding your form at the foul line.

These simple techniques are useful and easy to implement. They will help you develop consistent bowling ball speed and improve your overall accuracy.

If you have questions about regulating your ball speed, we recommend you seek professional coaching from a coach trained in helping bowlers improve their game.