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New Releases: Storm Fringe and Storm Manic Bowling Balls

If you're looking for a little more length than your Frantic, this is the perfect choice!

Throw the ball farther out than you've ever done before, to the fringe, and watch it come back! The new Storm Fringe is all about the backend. The straight pearl blend combined with the factory polished 1500 finish depletes energy at a slower rate, allowing for more entry angle and a wider pocket! Now, who doesn't want that?!

The Fringe is currently selling for $84.99 and rates a 188.6.

When the Fringe and Frantic are going too long and you need something to bite through the oil, the Manic is the ball to use! Amazing hook at an awesome price!

With the Storm Manic you can expect enhanced midlane reaction without losing the desired entry angle that Storm is known for! CATS testing showed an earlier breakpoint of more than two feet so we know that we achieved our goal. The 4000-grit finish combined with the solid R2S mixture created this enhanced midlane, perfect for those with higher ball speed.

The Manic is currently selling for $89.99 and rates a 190.9.

The Storm Fringe and Manic are scheduled to release on May 8, 2012.