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Don't Force Your Bowling Delivery

If you are a bowler averaging between 150 - 170, don’t force your bowling delivery.

It is surprising how many bowlers overwork their release technique in hopes of gaining increased rev-rate and more power with their delivery.

If you wish to gain increased power with your delivery, you must be prepared to make other changes to your game to accommodate your proposed release change.

You may have to make changes to your steps so you can match up with your adjusted swing path which will undoubtedly be necessary if you develop a strong hook release.

You certainly will have to change your hand action so you can exit your thumb from the ball soon enough to place the weight of your bowling ball squarely on your bowling fingers.

You may have to learn to cradle the ball in your forward swing so your hand gets sufficiently under the ball and so you can unhinge your wrist abruptly and snap your bowling fingers through the release.

Make no mistake, gaining revs and more power required skills some you may not possess. You definitely run the risk of hurting your game if you try to dramatically increase your revs.

If you are fully committed to raising your rev-rate, one sure way to do so successfully is to work with your natural talents and use the services of an experienced bowling instructor.

We see bowlers forcing their delivery and using muscles to try and “jack up the revs” and because of doing this, accuracy suffers. The world’s best players who have a fairly strong rev-rate use designed techniques to develop a repeatable delivery style and do not simply rely on brute force.

In fact, most instructors today teach using a rev-rate which does not approach a maximum level of revs because it generally leads to improved control and accuracy.

Don’t be trapped into being a bowler you are not. It is OK to make moderate alterations with your release to gain a few effective revolutions imparted on your bowling ball. However, avoid trying to make major changes unless you are totally prepared to train hard and long under the supervision of a good coach.

It is not in your best interest to sacrifice balance and control just to see your ball increase its amount of hook. Bowling is a game of scoring. Use your natural talents to their fullest and go with what you can do the best.