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Bowling Ball Skid Length Control

Bowling ball skid length control is key to hitting the pocket consistently.

If your ball hooks too early in the mid-lane due to insufficient skid distance, then you have a difficult time getting the ball to reach the breakpoint before rolling to the pins.

If your ball skids too far, you risk getting the ball to pass the break point before rolling toward the pins.

You must pay attention to the skid distance of your bowling ball in the front end of the lane if you can reasonably expect the ball to react predictably in the mid-lane.

Ball skid (slide) typically refers to the distance your bowling ball will skid on the front end of the lane before changing directions and hooking in the mid-lane.

You can regulate your ball skid distance by doing the following:

1. Prepare your bowling ball surface texture the way you need to match best with lane oil conditions.

2. Maintain ball speed delivery control each shot. If you vary your speed, your skid distance will also vary.

3. Release the ball consistently without any variations in rotating your fingers. If you vary your finger rotation, you can also vary skid distance so place care in being aware of striving for consistency with your release technique.

4. Control your ball loft beyond the foul line and make sure your shoulder remains at a constant elevation from the floor so you can feed the ball into the lane at a gradual angle of descent.

5. Release your hand from the ball below your sliding knee level at the mid-point of your calf on your sliding bowling leg.

These tips have been reliable and proven techniques to help you regulate your skid distance control.

Skid distance control leads to gaining a consistent ball reaction in the mid-lane and from the break point to the pocket.

The name of the game is hitting the pocket repeatedly. Ball skid length control is the first key to a dependable ball reaction and hitting the pocket when you are “under the gun” in competition.