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Bowling Swing Short Tips

If you are new to the game, here are key components of your swing:

1. Tempo

2. Direction

3. Timing

4. Release

5. Follow Through

Let’s draw up a couple of tips for each component listed above:

Make a swift and loose backswing to set the tempo of your swing beginning with your pushaway movement and with no hesitation once you move your ball into the pushaway and into the downswing leading into the backswing. Maintain consistent gripping pressure on your bowling ball throughout the swing cycle.

Swing your bowling ball back and directly behind your bowling shoulder, tick it in behind your armpit area, and start your downswing leading into the forward swing by letting gravity drop your ball from the top of the backswing into the downswing and forward swing cycle. Make sure your forward swing path matches the intended swing path to your target down the lane. Keep your forward swing tucked in closely to your torso leading into the release area at the bottom of your forward swing.

Begin movement of the bowling ball with your first step in a five step approach or before you begin your first step on a four step approach. Remember to not hold up the ball while you walk but rather allow it to swing back freely and swiftly to the top of your backswing.

Allow your bowling thumb to exit the ball prior to your bowling fingers rotating your ball at the bottom of your forward swing. Minimize finger rotation and keep your swing as close to your bowling ankle as possible as your hand exits the ball.

Complete your forward swing cycle by following-through toward your target. Make sure you follow through high enough so the elbow of your bowling arm reaches shoulder height or higher each delivery. Never decelerate your forward swing and follow through motion. An accelerated forward swing will help you maintain consistent ball speed control.

These are quick tips to help you visualize and understand some important bowling arm swing components.