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Your Bowling Practice Checklist

Improve you games with practice by developing your personalized practice plan. If you are a 160 average bowler or less and are trying to improve your game, make your practice time count.

1. Develop a personalized practice checklist.

2. Your checklist should include Set-Up, Footwork, Timing & Arm-Swing, Balance, and Release, and Finish Position.

3. Spend about 5 minutes practicing each of the important checklist items. Work to strengthen each important area of your game.

4. Practice in spaced intervals or days of the week built around your league or competitive tournament schedule.

5. In your checklist, include a section for equipment. Practice using all of the bowling balls in your arsenal on a known lane condition for comparison purposes.

6. Make sure you keep your bowling ball coverstocks clean and ready for use.

7. Practice playing a variety of angles on the lane which you will eventually encounter in competition, not merely your favorite angles.

8. Practice making a series of adjustments off of various angles on the lane.

Use your time on the practice lanes to your advantage. While you are practicing, work on your spare shooting too. Prepare a checklist and organize your time on the practice lanes.