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Steady Your Head For Steady Bowling Results

If you are struggling with your game, developing good balance during your approach is crucial to improving your performance.

Maintain a steady head while walking to the foul line, especially during the moment when you are delivering your bowling ball.

Relax your neck muscles and avoid tensing your shoulder and back in anticipation of making an important delivery. Relaxing your shoulders and neck during your approach allows you to keep your head motionless, your eyes fixed on your sighting target, and your body balanced while you deliver your bowling ball.

Establish a stable set-up position on the approach before beginning your first step.

Position the bottom portion of your chin at shoulder level (or slightly higher) and make sure your head is not tilted too much to either side.

Visualize walking to the foul line balancing a book on your head trying not drop the book to the floor while walking to the foul line.

Ideally, your head will not tilt, rise upward, and your chin will not drop toward your chest during your approach.

Strive to keep your head at a constant elevation from the floor during your approach.

Keeping a steady head while bowling also helps you keep a sharp eye on your sighting target on the lane.

A steady head goes a long way to improving your shot-making ability and achieving steady results.