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Do You Hate To Practice Bowling?

Do you hate to practice bowling? If so, you must also be tired of reading all the bowling tips tossed around related to improving your game.

You probably hate the effort it takes to make changes when you do decide to practice.

You likely are holding a pretty good average and figure that practice won’t help you improve very much.

Practice can be boring as can be any repetitive endeavor.

In fact, you may be a bowler who can average more than 200 and never practice other than bowling in leagues or an occasional tournament.

Bowling instructors always preach to have a practice plan where you have some purpose to work on your game.

It is bad enough to have to spend good money on bowling balls so you can be competitive with like players who own a full arsenal of equipment. Then you have to maintain the surface of these new bowling balls so they continue to react as you want.

Well, if you are one a bowler who does not enjoy practice, you like do not pay attention to instructor’s tips and you definitely do not take bowling lessons.

Let’s face it, if you know inside that you do need a little help with your game, you will also want an easy tip or two get you back on track.

If this is the case with you, try these simple practice tips which require no coaching or monetary investment whatsoever and which can be done easily and quickly if you get to the practice lanes for a couple of games:

1. Place a bowling towel on the foul line directly under the board where the center of your ball passes over when you make your delivery.

Make sure about 6 inches minimum of towel lies on the lane surface beyond the foul line but no portion of the towel interferes with the boards on the approach where your sliding bowling shoe enters the foul line.

2. Deliver twenty consecutive shots clearing the towel with emphasis on not rotating your ball with your bowling fingers more than one inch of rotation.

3. Make complete follow-through swing motions each delivery without decelerating your forward swing.

4. Try and regulate your bowling ball launch speed to gain consistency and keep your front portion of your bowling shoulder facing your sighting target on the lane.

If this simple practice drill helps you recover your feel in delivering your ball and removes wasted turning motion with your bowling hand. Clean up your delivery technique by simplifying it, get the ball over the foul line, and follow through aggressively as to not lose balance or accuracy.

Just a game or two of practice can be useful even if you hate to bowl outside of competition. Don’t be bashful to wager a bit with fellow bowlers when you practice so it helps you fight the boredom.