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Beginner Bowler Release Technique, Originally Posted: 6/1/2013; Updated: 6/18/2021

For you new bowlers learning the game, a few key release techniques will help you organize your swing and your bowling ball delivery.

 There are several factors that help you generate an effective release which also leads to accuracy in your shot making.
First, it is a relatively common misjudgement for bowlers to think about the release as a stand-alone or singular motion. Instead, think of your bowling release as closely connected to your entire swing cycle.

 From beginning your approach to the delivery of your bowling ball, the bowling swing needs to be one smooth, continuous motion.
When walking to the foul line to deliver your ball, visualize swinging your arm allowing the forces of gravity to control the swing as opposed to muscle tension in your bowling arm.

 We have often heard the term “pendulum swing” to describe a smooth and tension free bowling swing cycle. A gravity swing is the closest thing to the ideal “pendulum swing” motion we wish to develop.

 Once you enter into your final step, your sliding step, make sure your sliding knee is flexed sufficiently to support the full weight of your body when you begin your slide into the foul line. At this point in your approach and in your swing cycle, your ball should be at its lowest point swinging very close to your body and very near your sliding ankle.

 Make sure to keep your sliding bowling shoe toe pointed straight ahead towards your sighting target and slide toward the center of your body as much as possible for stability and balance.

 While releasing your bowling ball, your bowling thumb exits the hole slightly before your bowling fingers. In fact, it is only a mere split-second after your thumb exits the ball when your middle and ring fingers exit the ball.

Maintain alignment of the front portion of your bowling shoulder to your sighting target on the lane during your delivery process.
As your ball exits your bowling hand, it is key to continue your forward swing motion upward to a full and complete follow-through position. Once your ball has been delivered, stay in balance and hold your form thereby allowing your arm continue to the swing cycle until completion.

 These simple release techniques will help you develop an effective style of bowling and will help you build accuracy in your game. Be sure to get out and practice as often as you can.
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