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Bowling Balance Using A Steady Head

If you wish to give yourself the best chance at good shotmaking, maintain bowling balance using a steady head.

Keeping your head as motionless as possible during your approach is an important key to a well balanced approach.

Setting your posture properly in the stance position before beginning your approach places your head in a level position with the bottom your chin at shoulder height.

If you focus on walking to the foul line keeping your head as still as possible, you will develop a balancing mechanism for delivering your bowling ball. It is important for your upper body to remain stationary to give yourself a great chance at making an accurate delivery.

In the stance position, lean forward slightly and flex your knees. Set your head in a level position so your chin is not downward and in contact with your chest. A level head position stabilizes your upper body as you enter the critical release zone near your sliding bowling shoe.

Sudden and unexpected movements of your head when walking will change the center of balance in your torso.

Using a steady head with your eyes fixed on your target gives you the best chance at making accurate deliveries.

Avoid unnecessary upper-body elevation changes, either upward, downward, forward, or back when walking to the line. Maintaining good knee flex throughout your approach will help you avoid any sudden elevation changes.

In any sport, good balance leads to good results. Your chances for poor shotmaking increase when you introduce unneeded head movement during your approach. Keeping your head still and your eyes on your target while walking to the line will lead to improved bowling scores.