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New Release: Motiv Sigma Hybrid Bowling Ball

Motiv is quickly making a name for themselves in the bowling world and this new release will further solidify their standing in the marketplace. This ball will be more aggressive in heavy oil then the original Sigma Tour with a smooth and predictable motion.

The Sigma Hybrid is built on award winning technology from the Sigma Tour, which won 1st place as the Most Versatile Ball of 2011 in the BTM Reader's Choice Awards. While the Hybrid edition does feature the same proven core design, the cover technology and box finish provide a different zone of performance. Designed for medium-heavy oil, the Sigma Hybrid reads earlier and provides a smoother ball motion. League bowlers that are rev-challenged or speed dominant will appreciate the strength of the Sigma Hybrid on a fresh house shot. Tournament bowlers will use it on medium-heavy volume sport patterns.

The Sigma Hybrid is currently selling for $144.99 and rates a 209.5.

The Motiv Sigma Hybrid is scheduled to release on April 13, 2012.