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A Bowling Hot Streak

If you have been bowling well and are on a hot streak, it is important to continue doing the same things until your streak changes.

Getting into a hot streak and staying in the streak as long as possible means you do not try and make new changes risking your extended streak of good performances.

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

You are probably in a successful scoring mode because: you have cut down on open frames, you are hitting the pocket repeatedly, and partially from not making silly mistakes converting spares, and partially from making good alignment and adjustment decisions.

Because of these things, you will stand a great chance of continuing the good bowling stretch you now enjoy.

You can always work on your footwork tempo and make sure you walk your intended lines during each approach.

If you are accustomed to working with a professional bowling instructor, it can work in your favor to continue doing so to prolong your hot streak.

Keep your game tuned by practicing steadily and in spaced intervals between competitive sessions.

If you take your game seriously, not only can you bowl well over an extended period of time, you will be the certain envy of your fellow bowlers.