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Patience Equals Bowling Accuracy

In an effort to pick up more ball speed or revs, many bowlers end up "getting quick" with the feet and/or the bowling swing and the result is a terrible transition from backswing to the downswing (forward swing).

Patience equals bowling accuracy.

When you get too quick, your body has a hard time staying in sequence and ugly shots often follow, most notably the dreaded pull shot inside your intended line.

If this is an issue that you deal with from time to time, there are simple tips which will undoubtedly help.

One important swing key is to focus on completing your backswing fully.

Take your time getting to the foul line and stay in tempo from shot to shot.

Finish your backswing, wait on your downswing without grabbing at the bowling ball at the top of your backswing, and make a smooth transition into the forward swing.

Your control will stabilize and you will begin to see a consistent shot pattern.

Another tip to improve your accuracy is to avoid rushing your steps, particularly your final two steps leading into the delivery phase of your approach.

Regardless if you have slow footwork or very lively and quicker steps, it is important to not increase the pace of your steps beyond your routine.

Fast steps beyond your normal tempo leads directly to grabbing at the ball at the top of your backswing in an attempt to hurry your delivery.

Hurried deliveries lead to pulled shots inside your intended delivery path.

Hurried deliveries also lead to the possible overturning of your release which changes your axis tilt and reduces the level of an effective delivery.

When your steps remain constant in tempo, your hand has the time needed to make consistent releases and your bowling thumb then can exit your bowling ball at the same time relative to your fingers and to your sliding bowling shoe each shot you make.

We see bowlers forcing their delivery and using muscles to try and “jack up the revs” and because of trying to use force to increase revs and power, accuracy suffers.

The world’s best players who have a fairly strong rev-rate use designed techniques to develop a repeatable delivery style and do not simply rely on brute force.

Avoid falling into the trap of losing your patience and forcing your delivery.

Accuracy leads to good scores. Be patient and watch your shotmaking abilities improve.