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Spare Your Way To A Bowling 600 Series

By making all, or nearly all, of your spares in league play, you are not under the gun to roll as many strikes and you might think to get a 600 three-game series.

If you are averaging about 170 - 180 and really struggle to crack the 600 series mark, work a bit more in practice on converting routine spares. By filling frames, you make your doubles count and you will not need so many doubles or strings of strikes to achieve a 6oo series score.

Most 200 game scores require a minimum of one double with no open frames and very high pin counts when not getting a strike.

If a bowler gets very high pin counts with only one "double" (two consecutive strikes) and converts every spare in a given game, the score would be equal to or greater than 200.

You can actually achieve a 200 game without rolling a double or triple, or without any string of strikes. This type of 200 game is known as a "Dutch 200" and refers to a 200 game score with alternating strikes and spares where no doubles or triples (or higher strings of strikes) are recorded.

Most 200 games are recorded, more commonly by covering any open frame with a combination of two doubles or one "triple" (three consecutive strikes during the first eleven frames), by getting high counts in non-strike frames, and by converting the remaining spares.

So, once you learn to develop a sound and reliable spare shooting strategy, you will record more 200 games than at the present time. With more 200 games, your chances at 600 series score also improves. Simple stuff.

A 600 series means you averaged 200 or greater as a combined three game series score. You can roll just one 200 plus game and record a 600 series by avoiding a low scoring game (or games) due to excessive missed spares.

It is quite evident that three key things must happen to bowl a 600 series over and over again.

One important factor is to hit the pocket enough times each game to give yourself the best chances at getting a strike.

Once you learn to align yourself to hit the pocket, you must then learn to adjust as lane conditions change.

Finally, you must develop the ability to reduce the number of open frames each series by missing fewer spares than your history demonstrates. Becoming an excellent spare shooter is the fastest way to achieving a 600 series repeatedly.