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Ready Bowling

If you spend too much time being methodical and aiming for longer than 10 seconds once you have stepped onto the approach, then try using the system of “ready bowling.”

Ready bowling means getting to the ball return as soon as the bowler in front of you completes his or her frame and being in position to step onto the approach as soon as adjacent lanes clear.

Ready bowling also means to take your stance, focus on your sighting target, and then begin your first step without becoming the “Rock of Gibraltor” and aiming for a ridiculous length of time.

Remember, the longer you aim and are holding a heavy bowling ball, the greater the risk of your muscles tensing and the greater chance an errant delivery.

Throughout history, a great number of the world’s best professional champions took very little time on the approach aiming. It was as if they played a game of “ready, set, go” and never allowed tension or negative thoughts to enter into their shotmaking process.

Be honest with yourself. If you know you aim too long and take too much time just getting into position to bowl during competition, then speed up your process and trust your physical game to allow you to make good shots.

Excessive time standing on the approach thinking about how you are going to deliver your bowling ball and where you are going to deliver the ball can work against you over the long run.

If your mind has a clear picture of how you wish to deliver your bowling ball, you need not aim more than a couple of seconds before beginning your walk to the foul line.

Avoid excessive aiming time so you do not freeze and cause unneeded muscle tension in your arms and legs.

Avoid over rushing your shot but instead develop a consistent routine where you take minimum time preparing to bowl and still can be certain your are ready bowling.

If you become accustomed to ready bowling, then your teammates and fellow competitors will be appreciative.

Everything about bowling relies, to some degree, on tempo and rythym. Developing a sound pre-shot routine and being ready to go when it is your turn will lead you to success in competition.