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How To Accurately Deliver The Bowling Ball

If you are a new bowler or averaging less than 140 and are looking for quick and easy tips to help in learning how to accurately deliver the bowling ball, then there are a few simple keys to focus on during your practice sessions. The process in finding out how to accurately deliver your bowling ball begins by keying on two important components of the game:

1. consistent bowling ball speed
2. a proper delivery angle down the lane toward your selected target.

Regulating ball speed accomplishes the following:

1. controls the skid length of the ball in the front part of the lane
2. helps you develop a consistent release action with your bowling hand
3. helps to control the tempo of your footwork
4. allows you to swing your bowling arm freely and without excessive muscle tension
5. helps you maintain a consistent tempo with your back swing and forward swing

Developing a proper delivery angle is also important in becoming an accurate bowler:

1. your hand controls the release of your bowling ball so make a fully focused effort to release the ball at your target on the lane
2. maintain good upper body balance during your approach, particularly while you are making the critical release of the ball
3. check your initial alignment positioning on the approach
4. walk a straight line to foul line arriving with little or no predictable drifting right or left from your starting position
5. focus your eyes on your target on the lane throughout your entire approach to the foul line
6. follow through in the direction of your specific target on the lane

These simple tips are important in developing bowling accuracy. It is recommended you seek professional coaching from a certified bowling instructor or from a local bowling professional trained in helping bowlers improve their game. A modest investment in a bowling lesson can go a long way in helping you become an accurate bowler.

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