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Simple Tips To Increase Your Bowling Ball Hook

If you are a low average bowler trying to improve your game and wish to learn about simple tips to increase your bowling ball hook, then the keys might not all be related to the bowling ball itself. There are some techniques you can implement to help you get a stronger ball reaction.

Here are a few simple tips to increase your bowling ball hook:

1. Use of a wrist support device. Wrist devices will support the back of your bowling wrist and assist your thumb to exit the ball before your fingers. If your wrist collapses before the delivery, your fingers will exit the ball prior to your thumb causing excessive bowling ball skid with little or no hook motion. It is vital for your thumb to exit the ball before the fingers so the ball falls onto the fingers allowing the fingers to impart a quick rotation delivery action at the moment you deliver the ball.

2. Make a pronounced rotation of your fingers at the moment of delivery, perhaps two or three inches of rotation counterclockwise (if you are a right handed bowler). A quick and snappy rotation of your bowling fingers will serve to increase the axis tilt and "rev rate" of the bowling ball, both of which contribute to increasing bowling ball hook. Strive to get your thumb out of the ball quickly so the fingers can make a decisive releasing motion.

3. Always accelerate your forward swing and follow-through motion in an attempt to see your ball increase hook. A crisp and accelerated follow through swing motion will aide and enhance your delivery motion.

4. Proper initial alignment based on your ball speed and delivery style will allow your ball to travel from the the heaviest concentration of lane oil on the front end of the lane conserving energy for the dry portion on the back end of the lane. If your ball travels too far in oil and skids beyond the break point of the lane, then you will not see an increase in ball hook. If your ball begins hooking too soon in the mid-lane, then back end hook will be diminished as your ball loses energy traveling down the lane. Proper alignment and good lane adjustments are keys to maximizing effective hook potential.

Although there are countless techniques to make your ball hook, keeping things as simple as possible in competition will help you maintain accuracy and develop positive results.

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