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Use A Balanced Bowling Approach

By:, Originally Posted: 1/17/17; Updated: 12/7/2021

If you wish to bowl well consistently, use a balanced bowling approach.

Visualization helps by leading a path to physical change in your game.

As an example, if you were bowling in an outdoor center greatly affected by windy conditions, you would certainly do everything you could to maintain body balance when walking and swinging your bowling ball.

Although this analogy is one which is not likely to occur, it does paint a graphic vision of the importance balance makes if you wish to become a consistent shotmaker.

So, let's ask - where would you begin in keeping your balance if you were to bowl in a gusty wind?

Focusing on the direction and pace of your steps is the likely place to start.

You certainly would not walk stiff legged and too upright if you wanted to avoid having wind move you off your walking path. You would maintain some knee bend or knee flex so the large muscles in your legs would stabilize you from drifting off line or from moving your upper body out of position to make a good shot.

Retaining good bowling posture with your upper body centered above your legs is the next thing you must establish if you were to bowl in gusty wind conditions. You would tilt your upper body forward perhaps 10 or 15 degrees where your shoulders were aligned directly above your flexed knee caps so when you slide and release your ball, you will not sway off balance.

Another simple key for balance is keeping your head as motionless as possible from the time you take your stance on the approach and all the way through completion of your swing, release, and follow-through motion.

Your head weighs perhaps 5% to 10% of your total body weight so not moving your head as you walk and swing your ball is vital for retaining solid balance when you bowl.

The point is to build a solid bowling approach with a stable platform from which you can repeat quality shots.

Since you never will bowl in windy conditions, focusing on three key points will improve your bowling balance. If you were to practice bowling and think about walking your intended lines, keeping your body center stabilized and with no head movement, and maintaining an athletic posture, your shotmaking ability will definitely improve. If you want good swing tempo and a consistent and effective release, establish a solid approach movement using these techniques, all of which promote good body balance.


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