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Maintain Good Bowling Posture Throughout Your Swing And Release

By:, 10/19/16

If you are struggling with balance, particularly when sliding and delivering your ball, maintain good bowling posture throughout your swing and release.

You may have heard bowlers or instructors use the term “stay down on the shot?”

There is no better tip than to remain balanced, stay in form, and to be in a good posture when releasing your bowling ball.

The strategy is to stay in form at the foul line. Avoid straightening your legs and rising upward at the very moment you release your ball.

Avoid changing your spine angle until your ball has left your bowling hand. Retain a slight forward tilt with your upper body and retain the knee flex needed to properly slide into the foul line.

In other words, avoid lunging forward with your body or standing up as you let go of your bowling ball.

By remaining in an athletic posture as you slide, you can maintain good balance and remain motionless with your upper body during the critical moment you release your ball.

Accuracy is important. If you retain good posture when swinging and releasing your ball, your task of controlling your intended ball speed and loft distance improves and so will your accuracy.

It is most important to be accurate when your ball contacts the pins, not just at the sight target near the arrows on the lane. This requires a reliable ball reaction.

By placing your body in a well balanced posture as you slide and release your ball, your chances at achieving the reliable ball reaction increase and correspondingly, your accuracy improves.

Stay down and through each delivery so you can finish your swing and release as intended.

It begins with good posture in your set-up position on the approach and throughout your approach as you bowl.

Other factors involved in maintaining good posture are your set-up and your footwork tempo. If you move too swiftly as you walk, you risk losing balance or throwing off your timing. If you stand too erect or too bent over with your upper body in your stance position, you risk being in a non-balanced position as you release your ball. Balance, posture, and tempo in walking and swinging your bowling ball are keys to accuracy.


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