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Are You Practicing Your Bowling Often Enough?

By:, Originally Posted: 12/2/16; Updated: 12/23/2021

If you wish to improve your game, are you practicing your bowling often enough?

Regardless of your experience in the game or your present skill level, practice is proven to help bowlers improve.

There are several areas of the game you must focus on and/or invest time and resources in if you wish to improve.

Once you identify which areas in your overall game are in need most specifically of work, you can practice necessary techniques pointed to improvement.

First, develop a practice plan tailored to your needs. Organize an approach to practicing so you can benefit most from the time and money you invest in practice.

Your practice plan can be directed only to physical game techniques or can be expanded to included alignment and adjustment strategies or even expanded to also include mental game strategies for competitive purposes.

You decide how involved you wish to get in practicing to improve your game skills.

Once you make the decision to work on your game, then form the practice plan around the areas of your game addressing your specific needs.

If you are undecided where to begin, consulting an experienced bowling instructor can help you formulate a plan of action.

One thing you can certainly include in your practice plan is making sure your bowling equipment is in good shape and ready for use.

In fact, develop a surface maintenance routine so not only are your bowling balls ready to use in competition, you have the surfaces finished to best match the lane conditions you will encounter.

Improving your ability to make quality shots requires an understanding of your physical game so you can focus on which techniques you need to begin working on.

By taking even just one bowling lesson, you can learn important keys to your personal game and which things are most vital to making progress.

Practice makes perfect, or nearly perfect, when it comes to tuning up your game.

The question you need to answer is are you practicing your bowling often enough?

Other factors involved in smart practice are to work on your game strengths when you practice such as your swing, footwork,balance,release, and alignment to your sight target. Regardless of your skill level or experience in the game, it is important to practice with purpose and follow the techniques which either have been proven to work best in the past or the techniques your coach suggests for specific keys to your game. Establishing a solid and consistent pre-shot routine is another vital factor in starting you on a road to progress. And, of course, when you are bowling well, bowl enough to maintain your standard of performance so you can prolong your streak in good scoring.


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