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Down And Through With Your Bowling Shot

By:, 4/22/16

Undoubtedly as an advanced and very skilled player you have heard the term “down and through with your bowling shot.”

There can be no better tip to remain balanced, to stay in form, and to be in position to make a clean release and follow through swing motion.

Stay put, in other words, when sliding into the line and preparing to release your bowling ball.

The strategy is to stay in form and to not straighten your legs raising your upper body upwards or changing your spine angle in place until your ball has left your bowling hand.

By remaining in an athletic posture as you enter your step before your slide, it becomes much easier slide toward the center of your body for balance and to complete your follow through swing motion without decelerating the forward swing.

Ball speed control is a vital part of getting a good ball reaction. So is loft distance control and repeating your release motion consistently.

If you develop reliable technique to stay down and swing through each shot you make, your chances of regulating your ball speed, your skid distance control, and your accuracy improve.

It begins with good posture in your set-up position on the approach.

Next, retain the good athletic posture as you walk and swing your bowling ball.

By doing so, you retain the same spine angle throughout your approach and delivery.

Keeping your head as motionless as possible.

Since your objective is to be in a stable and balanced position at the moment you release your ball, you can then focus solely on finishing your swing and hitting your sight target.

Stay down and through and finish your swing.

One drill you can practice to avoid unwanted movement with your upper body and legs as you enter your slide is to exhale slightly, slide, release your ball, and follow through.

Exhaling slightly will assist you to stay in form and by remaining down and through with your bowling shot.

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