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Stretch For Strikes

Stretch For Strikes. If you wish to be successful as a player and improve your game, don’t forget to develop your personalized warm-up routine.

Exercises for bowlers begins with stretching exercises. When preparing to bowl, whether you are at home or at the bowling center, stretch the big muscles of your body.

Stretching is the best method of loosening your muscles before propelling a heavy bowling ball down the lane.

There are many exercise routines available today where you can select which stretching motions best fit your needs as a bowler.

For you bowlers living in a cold climate, especially during the cold time of the year, stretching properly before bowling helps you prepare for competition.

It is recommended that any stretching exercises you use are performed slowing and where you hold the stretch for 10 - 15 seconds before releasing the stretching form.

Stretching your arms, legs, shoulders and neck areas before bowling as a pre-game warm-up helps to prepare you for competition.

Allow sufficient time so you do not need to hurry your pre-game stretching regimen.

Learning to breathe in and out slowly while stretching helps reduce body tension and relaxes you before you engage in pressure bowling situations.

Stretching and breathing exercises are important part of any athlete’s preparation for competition.

It is recommended to consult your physician, your bowling instructor, and/or a physical trainer before beginning any exercise routine to ensure your safety and health.

Urge your teammates to benefit from a good stretching routine before beginning your league competitions.

Good physical conditioning is a big part of any sport, bowling included.