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Bowling Earplugs

If you are a bowler who gets easily distracted by noises and prefers fewer distractions when you bowl, perhaps it is time to use your imaginary bowling earplugs.

If you did own the perfect set of earplugs, where all unwanted noises near you were filtered out and only routine bowling center noises were allowed to pass into your ears, you would able to concentrate on your bowling and not be influenced by noises you do not wish to hear.

However, we are only human and do not have the perfect earplugs. Therefore, you must develop the art of filtering out unwanted sounds and conversations. Distractions are common in bowling centers.

When you are bowling in competition, you require good powers of concentration. Concentration on demand.

Here are a few tips to remain isolated and less exposed to outside noises which can break your concentration:

1. Imagine you are wearing “bowling blinders” to avoid visual distractions.

2. As you move toward the approach to ready yourself to bowl, keep your eyes focused on the floor as you walk. Think only about what you must do to deliver a good shot and think about where you wish to play the lane. Do the same when walking back from the foul line.

3. Avoid eye contact with other bowlers around your pair of lanes. Eye contact invites unneeded chatter and chatter leads to distractions.

4. Sit quietly and privately in the settee and do not initiate conversation unless you feel the need to do so. Soon others near you will learn to respect your privacy.

5. Calm yourself and reduce tension in your body. Being physically tense means you are not of relaxed mind and unsure of yourself. Get inside your “bowling shell.”

6. Focus on your game and your next shot. Let other thoughts take a backseat to what you are going to do to make the next shot a good one.

Use your pair of "bowling earplugs" and stop paying attention to the usual noises found in league or tournament competition.

With a little practice, you can train yourself to filter unwanted noises and distractions away from your game and enjoy improved bowling performances.