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Add Some SAAS To Your Bowling Game

If you wish to improve from the 140 - 160 average range, add some SAAS to your bowling game.

Everyone gets stuck in a bowling rut from time to time. If you seem to be mired into a modest average range and can’t seem to make any progress, learn a simple strategy to increase your bowling scores

It is a likelihood that you think this strategy has to do with physical game matters. We are talking about SAAS instead. That’s right, SAAS.

“Strike Alignment, Adjustments & Spares” = SAAS.

If you do nothing more than review your strike alignment system for your first game of competition, you improve your chances at hitting the pocket. For a proper strike alignment you should make sure you are sliding at the proper board based on your sighting target and that your sighting target matches the lane condition.

Hitting the pocket consistently is the first step to increasing your average.

Once you can no longer hit the pocket because the lanes have changed, as people on your pair have moved lane conditioner, it is time to make a simple adjustment to restore your ability to hit the pocket.

There are a number of adjustments you can use to find the pocket after the lanes change, but usually an angle change is your first line of defense.

Once you learn how much to adjust your feet positioning on the approach and how far to adjust your sighting target correspondingly, your ability to restore your pocket hitting percentage increases.

Pocket hits do not always result in strikes, however. It is your ability to convert routine spares, common spare leaves, that also improve your scores.

I cannot emphasize the importance of working hard at becoming a good spare shooter if you are seriously looking to increase your average.

Adding SAAS is a matter of learning how to align yourself quickly to the pocket, make adjustments when the lanes change, and convert spares when you are not striking.

It is possible to raise your average as much as 15 - 20 pins per game without extensive changes to your physical game, if you work on the SAAS strategy.

Bowlers typically resist making adjustments. If you develop a reliable strike alignment system, making simple lane angle adjustments will help you use the lane oiling pattern to your advantage and you will begin to hit the pocket again.

Picking up spares will fill the frames and make your doubles and three-baggers count.

Keep it simple. Line up correctly, make proper adjustments, and convert your spares. Your average will improve and you will find yourself enjoying the game more than ever.