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A Stronger Delivery Using The Same Bowling Style

To build a strong release using your present bowling style, use a wrist support device. If you are a non-power player and do not already use a wrist support, try various models to find the right one to help you improve your release and add power to your game.

The goal for all bowlers is to consistently deliver the bowling ball with accuracy and power.

Here is what a wrist support device can do for you:

1. Help regulate the "moment of release" of your bowling ball.

2. Prevent the back of your bowling hand from tilting or collapsing prior to the delivery of the bowling ball.

3. Limit wrist movement so your thumb exits the ball before your bowling fingers.

4. Gets your thumb out of the ball cleanly and quickly and at the same place relative to your sliding bowling shoe (by the shoelaces of your sliding shoe).

Wrist support devices are available in adjustable and non-adjustable models. With an adjustable model, you can pinpoint the precise amount of wrist tilt needed to strengthen your release.

Experimentation will be necessary before finding the best device for your needs. Generally, the longer the support structure behind the hand, the more the wrist and finger movements will be restricted during the delivery.

Another thing to consider is to strengthen your bowling hand and your grip on the ball. If you have a fairly weak wrist or a weak hand and lack gripping power when delivering the ball, use a tennis ball or a rubber handball to build strength in your hand.

Squeeze the ball fifty times in a row, once a day for a week. Increase to twice-a-day routines, and eventually increase the number of repetitions to one hundred, twice per day. You can also find a special hand device in sporting goods stores with handles that are squeezed together to accomplish the same results.

In a month’s time, your wrist and grip will strengthen. You will find it easier to handle the bowling ball and use your fingers effectively to rotate the ball.

Generating sufficient rev-rate and improved power will help you get a consistent ball reaction and transfer more energy from the ball into the pins. Wear a wrist support device and work to strengthen your bowling wrist and forearm. By doing so, you can maintain your bowling style and get more power out of your game.