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Contour Your Bowling Ball Gripping Holes

Make certain you get into the pro shop and contour the edges of your bowling ball gripping holes on a routine basis.

If you have the beveling tool or grit pads to contour the holes yourself, then set up a routine maintenance schedule to care for the surface of your bowling ball equipment.

While you are at it, make sure you contour and shape the gripping holes so they feel comfortable to your liking.

Bowling ball holes tend to sharpen and lose the edge shape the more games are bowled.

By simply contouring the edges of the holes when your feel changes, you are certain to have that familiar feeling restored when delivering your ball.

Your pro shop professional will resurface or screen and texture your ball surfaces as needed or in accordance to you maintenance schedule.

After resurfacing a given ball, you should double check the edges of the gripping holes to make sure you establish the measure of bevel or contour you prefer.

If you use inserts or a good deal of bowling tape, avoid having the edges of the tape rise above the surface level of your ball and encumber your grip on the ball. It is always very important to have a consistent and comfortable grip on your bowling ball if you wish to repeat making good shots.

Inserts tend to raise above the surface level of your ball and can change the way you grip your ball. If and when this happens, remove and replace the inserts with fresh, new ones to restore the proper feel when you grip your ball.

If you are not careful to shape or contour the edges of your gripping holes and they tend to wear and become sharp, you risk the hole edges chipping or cracking.

If the edges of the holes chip or crack, you either must repair the holes in the pro shop or drill a larger hole over the existing hole and add a slug so you can drill a new hole into the ball.

By taking time to check your gripping holes, contour them as needed, and do periodic maintenance to protect the holes from lane damage, you increase the longevity of your bowling ball equipment and correspondingly protect your investment.