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Beginner Bowler Arm Swing TechniqueTips

For you new bowlers learning the game, begin by positioning your bowling ball to the side of your body approximately in front of your bowling shoulder. Try to sequence the beginning movement of the ball out and downward until your bowling elbow is fully extended slightly before the first step of your four-step approach. Move the ball and your first step together if you use a five-step approach.

In years past, coaches would teach to move the bowling ball and the first step together in a four-step approach. Today, thinking has changed and coaches teach bowlers a technique to gain an early timing sequence where the bowling ball gets into the back swing more quickly relative to the steps and with less arm control.

Seek a free, smooth, and uncontrolled back swing allowing the ball to reach shoulder level or higher positioning behind your bowling shoulder at the completion of the back swing.

The forward swing should start down by allowing the ball to fall downward freely by the forces of gravity and by remaining very tight to the trunk of your body by swinging under your bowling shoulder.

As the ball arrives next to your ankle of your sliding bowling shoe (with about one inch of space to avoid hitting the ankle), your hand begins the releasing process. Ideally, the front part of your bowling arm (the inside of your elbow) should be facing the pins at the moment of release, with the palm of your hand also facing the pins. One common characteristic of all great bowlers is having the bowling arm and hand in this position at the bottom of the swing to begin the delivery.

After your bowling ball exits your hand, your forward swing should continue accelerating to a full follow-through position and maintain a target orientation. Your follow-through should be completed with the elbow of your bowling arm at shoulder height or higher, each delivery.

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