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Bowling Ball Grip

If you are a new bowler or someone just considering getting a new bowling ball, then you likely have heard the term “bowling ball grip.” This term refers to the placement of the gripping holes drilled into your bowling ball.

The term “grip” not only is comprised of the size and location of the gripping holes, it also refers to the pitch angles each hole is drilled into the bowling ball, the sizes of holes, and whether or not inserts are used for gripping enhancement or comfort purposes.

The span of your bowling ball is also implied in the term “grip.” Other meanings for the term “grip” is as a general reference to how a given bowlers places his or her hand into the ball and holds and swings the ball when bowling.

It is extremely important have a ball drilling professional properly fit and measure your hand before determining where to place the gripping holes prior to the actual drilling process.

Having a good fit is key to good shotmaking. Bowling balls which do not fit properly can influence you to make poor or errant deliveries for several reasons.

One reason an improper grip hinders your ability to make a good shot is because of possible span distance not fitted precisely to your hand, because of incorrect pitch angles the holes are drilled into the ball, and because of the influence an improperly fitted ball has on your delivery technique.

It is important that an accurate measurement be taken by the pro shop professional so after the holes are drilled into your ball and are shaped, contoured, and beveled for a comfortable fit, that the ball neither stretches your fingers too far due to poor span measurements and because your hand sits into the ball poorly because of awkward pitch angles the holes are drilled.

Having a properly fitted ball is vital to good bowling. If the grip of your ball span is well measured and drilled properly, then you have the best chances at making good deliveries, consistent ones, and you can develop good delivery techniques leading to good shotmaking and to good scores.

Since every bowler has a unique hand and fingers, it is important before purchasing a new ball that you decide to use an experienced ball driller so you can rest assured that your ball will fit you properly and has a good grip scales to your hand.

Avoid using “house balls” or someone else’s ball not fitted to your hand whenever possible. Invest in your own custom fitted ball and get a winning grip.