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Never Quit On Your Bowling Swing

Never quit on your bowling swing. One major reason bowlers get into slumps or begin to make errant deliveries is because of decelerating the forward swing.

By slowing the forward swing, you run the risk of turning the ball early or pulling your shot offline.

When you decelerate your forward swing, your speed control suffers. Losing speed can lead to rotating your bowling fingers early. Turning the bowling ball early can cause pulled shots inside your desired ball path, an ineffective roll to be applied to the ball, or you might drop the ball on the approach floor behind the foul line.

Successful players accelerate the forward swing and release the ball over the foul line. All bowlers have a common challenge to not turn the ball early, so it becomes extremely important to not decelerate the arm swing.

Try and deliver your ball at 90 percent of full power. When delivering your bowling ball at 90 percent of full speed, you do not jeopardize losing balance and accuracy.

If you deliver every ball at nearly full speed, your speed control will regulate, you will develop a feel for making consistent releases, and you can base sensible lane adjustment decisions off of the ball reaction.

All players, power players, in-between players (tweeners), and stroker-type players, have a common challenge. This challenge is to regulate ball speed by maintaining the speed in a desired range so a consistent ball motion may be achieved.

If you find your ball hooking at unpredictable times on the lane, you are likely decelerating your swing and losing velocity.

If you want to achieve good results, focus on a one-piece, accelerating forward swing to a full follow-through posted position. Never quit on your bowling swing.