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Have Your Bowling Ball Gripping Holes Checked

If you are relatively new to bowling, establish a habit of routinely having your bowling ball gripping holes checked in the pro shop.

It is important to keep the gripping holes sized and contoured to your fingers and thumb after 60 games or more of use.

The more games you bowl, wear on your bowling ball equipment requires reshaping or re-contouring your gripping holes so you retain a good fitting grip.

After you store your bowling balls for the summer season and begin to prepare for fall leagues, it is vital to check your ball gripping holes in the pro shop.

There are always possibilities that your fingers and thumb have changed sizes following a long layoff due to weight gain or loss or due to your hand shrinking sizes because you laid off bowling for several weeks or longer.

If you use finger inserts, they should be changed after 60 to 80 games. Sooner if they begin to wear, split, or separate from the holes as a result of constant use.

As your bowling ball rolls down the lane many times over the span of 60 - 80 games of bowling, the edges of your thumb and finger gripping holes wears and loses the original contour provided by the ball driller in the pro shop.

If you are not practiced in using a bevel knife to re-contour your gripping holes, get to the pro shop have have the gripping holes examined by the professional on duty.

Many experienced bowlers will purchase and carry a three-sided bevel knife with grip handle in their bowling accessory pouches so the gripping holes can be shaped precisely the way the bowler chooses.

You should not overlook the importance of a properly fitting bowling ball. Making accurate and consistent ball deliveries is developed first by having a good fitting bowling ball.

It is recommended to carry and use bowling tape. Bowling tape works wonderfully in keeping your gripping holes snug and not loose fitting.

Many bowlers will experience their fingers and thumb shrinking in size between bowling sessions. If this is the case with you, merely add enough pieces of pre-cut bowling tape into your gripping holes as needed to restore a proper grip.

Tape can be easily removed as your hand swells due to friction when releasing your ball.

If you have any questions about your gripping holes, simply visit your local pro shop and consult the professional. Maintaining a good grip on your ball is key to making consistently good shots.