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Your Favorite All Time Bowler continues our series of Editorial articles to express opinions about the bowling industry. This article asks you to participate by selecting your favorite all time bowler and indicating why you have chosen the given player.

Your choice may be anyone you have enjoyed or appreciated as a top player regardless of amateur or professional status.

Please select a player from any era you wish, alive or deceased, and place your selection in our blog feature located just below this article.

We ask you simply indicate the name of the player you consider to be your favorite bowler of all time and a short explanation about your choice in one or two sentences. No lengthy explanations please because we wish to review the many comments we are sure to receive.

If you believe it is important to select from a list of top titleists from the PBA Tour history or perhaps the Ladies Tour history, please feel free to do so.

If you wish to select a top amateur you have great respect for as a player, then you may freely indicate your choice.

For convenience purposes, here is a list of the top twelve PBA all time Titleists since the inception of the organization:

47 Titles
Walter Ray Williams Jr. (USBC Masters - 2/14/10)

43 Titles
Earl Anthony (USBC Masters - 5/12/84)

37 Titles
Norm Duke (Dick Weber Playoffs - 4/1/12)
Pete Weber (Tournament of Champions - 3/31/13)

34 Titles
Mark Roth (IOF Foresters Open - 4/15/95)

33 Titles
Parker Bohn III (PBA World Championship - 1/13/13)

30 Titles
Dick Weber (King Louie Open - 2/19/77)

29 Titles
Mike Aulby (Silicon Valley Open - 1/21/01)

26 Titles
Don Johnson (Midas Open - 2/12/77)

25 Titles
Brian Voss (Bayer Don & Paula Carter Mixed Doubles - 2/21/10)

22 Titles
Marshall Holman (Ebonite Classic - 10/15/96)

20 Titles
Dick Ritger (AMF Magicscore Open - 2/3/79)
Wayne Webb (Bud Light Championship - 4/12/97)

The dates following the names from the above list are the date indications of the last title each player recorded.

If you like to watch certain players on Tour today who have yet to reach their final career goals, you might select players like Chris Barnes, Jason Couch, Sean Rash, or perhaps the great Jason Belmonte.

For those of you who enjoy the female greats, you might select players like Kelly Kublick, Tish Johnson, Carolyn Dorin Ballard, Anne Marie Duggan, or other great women players of the past and present.

Kindly feel free to research any other organizations for successful players and careers as you deem appropriate.

Once you have made your selection, please enter your comments in our blog section as requested earlier in this article.

This is meant to be a fun request of each of our community friends so please be respectful in your comments regarding other the selections of others.

By the way, each player on the above PBA list is or was a friend of mine so I recuse myself from a personal selection as my favorite all time bowler. If I were to select, however, my choice would be for a reason other than the pure number of titles recorded from the above list.

Here is a chance for you to express your views as to why your selection means so much to you and for anyone in the world who frequents our site to read your comment. Have fun with this and thank you in advance for your continuing support!

Rich Carrubba
Contributing Writer