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Two-Handed Bowling Drills 01/20/2017

Every bowler practices their mechanics day in and day out to make sure their game is at it’s best. Even a two-handed bowler practices everyday. Most of us two-handed bowlers even have drills that we go through in practice to keep everything in line. Some drills include focusing on our finish at the foul line, and the three step skip-step drill that I was taught when I first began bowling two-handed.

The three step skip-step drill, try saying that ten times fast, is a drill designed to get your push away, arm swing and slide in check. What you want to do is take three full steps back from the foul line, then have your slide foot behind your ball-side foot. This will allow you to begin your drill with your slide foot (left if you’re right handed or right if you’re left handed). Make sure your ball is knee high by leaning and rotating the torso and having your elbows aligned accordingly. Fully swing the ball one time while keeping your elbows aligned and take a step to the left and progress forward, which will give you your skip-step.

Our finish at the foul line is so key to our two-handed game, that is where we post our shot and watch as ten big fat pins get obliterated 60 feet from us. That’s not why it’s important. It’s important to maintain your posture and make the best shot you can. The foul line drill starts with you setting the ball on the ground and having your slide foot is set and your non ball side shoulder is facing the pins. Your trail leg I recommend to keep as far away as possible, don’t need to get hurt all because you forgot a step of the drill. With your ball-side hand underneath the ball, set your forearm forward and your balance arm elbow directly underneath your ball-side elbow and at ankle height. Take one nice easy swing making sure your hand is under your elbow as you follow through.

The perpendicular foot drill is one I personally rarely practice but is a good drill to use to improve your game. Beginning one step from the foul line, place your trail leg 90 degrees from the slide foot, making sure that the top of your trail leg foot is aligned with your slide foot that’s already matched up with the lane. Elbows should be aligned well to where you can swing the ball with no problem underneath your chest.

Now one might ask how long or how often these drills should be performed at a practice session? Personally, I’d like to do them once a week just to make sure everything stays in check. Or unless your mechanics are feeling in a slump then I’d recommend once a day to get everything back in line as quickly as possible. Quickly head on over and read more articles on two-handed bowling here at, it’s where bowlers go.

Hello everyone and greetings from the Bowling Mecca of the World, also known as Las Vegas! My name is Nick Pollak. I am 18 years old and I’m a two-handed bowler as well as a USBC Bronze level coach. I am thankful to have been invited to join the team to write about the sport I love. I look forward to sharing many articles with you and hope to interact with many of you to get feedback and topic ideas you would like to see.

Did I mention I am a two hander? I wasn't always but that all changed in January of 2015 when my one-handed mechanics became a tremendous liability. For each and every one of my fellow two-handers, it should be noted that we are all different in our styles of approach, rev rate, speed and release. I look forward to sharing my perspective of the sport I love, as a competitive bowler and as a two-hander.



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