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Ten Bowling Balance Tips, Originally Posted: 7/6/2013; Updated: 5/26/2021

Learning to make a well balanced approach starts with a good set up on the approach and ends with a good finishing position at the foul line. Maintaining good posture when delivering the bowling ball is critical to accuracy.

Regardless of your skill level, good shot-making is the objective for any bowler wishing to succeed.

Good shot-making is the art of making one good shot and repeating the process consistently. As your bowling skill advances, your ability to make good shots increases.

Good shot-making revolves around good approach fundamentals and good bowling balance.

Here are a few keys for good balance:

1. Flex your knees and tilt your upper body forward about 10 - 15 degrees from an upright stance position.

2. Pre-set your bowling shoulder at an intended elevation from the floor and in relation to your non-bowling shoulder. Sweep away your non-bowling arm extended to the side of your body at about waist height as you begin your arm swing.

3. Maintain knee flex throughout each step of your approach and increase the amount of flex slightly with each successive step. Knee flex will allow the big leg muscles to support your body weight and generate power when releasing the bowling ball.

4. Maintain a constant spine angle while you walk to the foul line.

5. Avoid wasted body motion as you walk to the foul line.

6. Keep your head as motionless as possible while walking to the line and while releasing your bowling ball. A steady and level head will produce good balance.

7. Smoothly sweep your bowling balance leg toward the non-bowling side of your body as you begin your slide. Keep the bowling shoe of your balance leg in contact with the floor to stabilize your upper body.

8. Maintain sufficient knee flex in your sliding leg to support the full weight of your body as you slide into the line.

9. Your sliding bowling shoe should remain aligned with the boards on the lane and slide under the center of your body to provide good stability when releasing the ball.

10. Maintain the front portion of your shoulders in a vertical line directly over the knee cap of your sliding leg.

Good balance stems from maintaining proper body posture throughout your approach free of any wasted motion. It is important to hold your form at the foul line after you have released your bowling ball until the ball reaches your target.

Keep things simple. Never rush your approach at a faster pace than normal when in pressure bowling situations.

Follow these ten simple tips for good posture and balance and enjoy good bowling results.

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