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Walk Left, Throw Your Bowling Ball Right

If you are a right handed bowler aspiring to greater performances and you use a power-player release style, it benefits you to walk left and throw right.
Right handed bowlers who hook the ball a great deal can gain in accuracy by walking to the left. The opposite is true for left handed players.
Power players, and some “Tweener” and “Stroker” players, walk left. In fact, the majority of professional bowlers in the modern game today walk to the left from their starting position on the approach.
This walking path strategy allows for the swing to follow the direction the upper body and result in an inside-out forward swing path toward the sighting target on the lane.
Walking left on the approach will help you realign your bowling ball at the top of the backswing from behind your shoulder position and tuck it in behind your shoulder blade slightly to accommodate a left to right swing path.
This swing path allows for a wide delivery angle when playing an inside line and for those players who hook the ball a good deal.
A technique for walking left using a 4-step approach which encourages good balance is as follows:
1. The first step with the right foot moves straight ahead from it initial positioning.
2. The second step with the left foot steps to the left about 5 boards.
3. The third step with the right foot steps in front of the second step in a tightrope fashion as to step along the center of your torso.
4. The final slide step slides to the right and under the chin. This slide step supports your body weight and builds a stable and balanced platform to deliver the ball. The sliding bowling shoe should enter the foul line in a fairly straight line so the toe points to the pocket.
The pattern is "straight on one, left about 5 boards on two, overlap on three, and slide under the center of your body on four."
Of course, if you use a five step approach, the first step is straight to get you into motion, then the remaining four steps follow the above described pattern.

When you walk left, it is easy to understand that your forward swing will not have to re-route itself around your right leg or right hip and can move on a delivery line tucked in close to your body for leverage and power.
If you have questions about walking left, it is recommended to consult a professional bowling instructor. Your coach can make sure your swing path is matching your desired target line path down the lane to the break point.
You will have to adjust your present alignment system for strike and spares by making this change to your walking pattern.
All good things come from work. You must practice this walking technique when your scores do not matter. Walk left, throw right, and reduce the number of shots you deliver inside your target line.
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